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The Bacon Challenge!

posted Jun 18, 2014, 2:30 PM by Dale Cuer
I have been challenged by Sara Prinzi to work bacon into every sermon between June 1 and December 1. That is six months of bacon! I can't just randomly say the word bacon it has to be in context of the sermon. I started the first Sunday in June and have managed so far with one exception. Last weekend I used bacon as a sermon illustration but at the late service Sunday I missed 1/2 of one of my points and of course it was the one with the bacon illustration.  So I only get partial credit for this last weekend.  
The reason that I accepted the challenge is that it is an excellent discussion point for people on Monday mornings and an opportunity for people to invite friends to see if I can do it. 
So talk to your unchurched friends about the bacon challenge, invite them to church and PRAY for them.