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Question number 4: How do we succeed?

posted Jan 9, 2014, 6:53 AM by Dale Cuer
How do we succeed? 
This question is the ‘how’ addressing the process that we use to make disciples. In other words our "discipleship plan" with the understanding that we genuinely believe that if people go through this simple discipleship process they will have the greatest chance of experiencing positive spiritual growth. The more people that we can help through this process becomes the measure of our success as a church body. 
Our discipleship plan looks like this. 
Step 1: We try to invite people to become regular attendees of our Sunday morning worship services. The focus here is to teach people how to Love Jesus and worship him. It is where we introduce people to our church doctrines and practices. We try to ground everything we teach in the Bible and bath it in prayer creating a positive environment of love and joy, were we experience and live out our core values. 
Step 2: We try to invite people into a small group environment. The focus here is to help people learn to love each other, and get connected to each other. We try to teach Biblical doctrine in a non threatening way. Our goal is for people to learn how to read, study and live out the word of God in community. 
Step 3: We invite those who have been involved in small groups to begin serving on a ministry team. Our focus here is to teach people how to love the community around them. We encourage people to demonstrate the love of Jesus to others by serving their needs in a Biblical fashion.