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Prayer Challenge

The Great Prayer Challenge
Thanksgiving Eve - New Years Day

  1. Attend a Thanksgiving Eve service.
  2. Pray every day for at least 15 minutes.
    • If you already pray each day, then add 15 minutes to your current prayer time.
  3. Pray corporately every day.
    • Pray out loud with another person.
  4. Fast one meal per week.
    • Pray during the time that you would have used to prepare and eat the meal.
  5. Fast for an entire day during the challenge.
  6. Attend a corporate prayer meeting during the challenge.
  7. Post how God has been answering prayer on the West Middlebury Baptist Church Facebook page.
    • This page will be set up to post answers to prayer. How God has spoken to you. Prayer requests. Prayer quotes and anything else pertaining to prayer.
  8. Do something else. Do something radical in regard to prayer that is not on this list.
  9. Attend our New Year's Day Prayer workshop. Or the PBF prayer workshop,
    • Focused on teaching and practicing prayer.
    • Praying in the New Year.
    • Ours will be from 8 until 12 New Years day.
    • The PBF workshop will be on Jan 30th at the Hunt Baptist Church from 9-2

Let's get serious about prayer and see how God shows up.