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Blitz 27

posted Apr 23, 2016, 7:36 AM by Dale Cuer
We are embarking on an adventure thanks to Pastor Jonathan Finley from the Rushford Baptist Church. For the next 27 weeks we are going to read through the new testament together at a pace of 1 book a week. Then each weekend I will preach an overview of that weeks book. I have also challenged the church with the following challenge around reading each weeks book.
A. Primary Challenge:
    1. Pray that God would give you understanding before you read.
    2. Read the book in 1 setting if possible.
    3. Read the book in a different translation than you normally would.
    4. Conference. (Talk to other people about what you are reading)
B. Extra Credit:
    1. Read the book multiple times.
    2. Read the book in multiple translations.
    3. Read the book out loud.
    4. Highlight important passages as you read.
For more information you can listen to the sermons and I am making the PowerPoint outlines available as well.