Dan and Sarah are full time missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators, but not under the traditional model. Instead of being assigned to a country, they work with a people group which spans the globe: the deaf community. While many people consider deafness a disability, Wycliffe sees deaf communities around the world as unique ethnic groups, with their own language, culture, and identity. In following with the belief that all people should have God's Word in their heart language, Wycliffe's goal is to translate the Bible into all of the sign languages that need it. Please pray about whether God is asking you to get involved in this monumental task!
Phil and Gail Fields
In 2012 we started a non-profit organization in Indonesia, called the OurLanguage Bible Organization (Yayasan Alkitab BahasaKita) and having the short name of Albata. Albata has the vision to promote the understanding of God's Word in Indonesia, both in the national language and in ethnic languages. Currently Albata has an office manager (Daniel), a translation coordinator for translating the Old Testament into plain Indonesian (Balazi), and three half-time translators. Albata sponsors has an online Bible translation course— to enable people who would like to help us translate the Old Testament into Indonesian, or translate for any of the 400+ Bible-less ethnic groups in Indonesia.
Inline image 1Rev. McGuire is a passionate defender of Christian principles like the sanctity of life, the sacredness of marriage, the centrality of religious freedom, and the need for a more just and merciful society, and he fervently believes that these principles can only be lived out if the hearts of men and women turn to God. A gifted and accomplished public speaker, Rev. McGuire preaches and teaches at churches and conferences across the state and the nation; also, he is frequently called upon by media outlets for his expertise regarding New York state government and public policy.
 Nicole Page

 Nicole is the Area Director for Intervarsity in Rochester, NY.  Nicole brings a biblically shaped moral and spiritual authority to her work of establishing and advancing witnessing communities in Rochester, NY. Nicole is an expert manuscript bible study teacher and gifted expositor. Nicole’s value for moral clarity comes through in all that she does.